Kinderdance Program

For our youngest dancers we offer a kinderdance program: Creative Movement and Combo Classes. In these classes students will explore the elements of dance and movement in a fun and imaginative class. Students learn the basics of movement, rhythm, expression, and dance in a playful environment. 

Creative Movement (Ages 2-4)

For tiny dancers ages 2-4 we introduce the fundamentals of movement and develop gross motor skills in Creative Movement. This class is imaginative and incorporates whole-child teaching by incorporating literacy and storytelling with dance and movement. It is an introduction to dance and focuses on developing a range of skills through movement and music.

Pre-Ballet (Ages 2-4)

Our pre-ballet class teaches many of the same movement skills as our Creative Movement classes. It is also an introduction to the structure and discipline of the ballet class, as well as some early ballet technique. It is a great foundation for all kinds of dance and movement activities as it teaches strength, posture, and gross motor skills. 

Combo Classes (Ages 4-6)

Combo classes are a great way to learn the basics of two genres of dance in one class! While beginning to learn the technical aspects of each genre, the class focus is on developmentally appropriate exercises, gross motor skill development, and promoting a love for an active lifestyle. 


Family Dance

Mommy & Me (Ages 12-24 months)

A social class for moms (or caregivers) and their little ones! A 30-minute play-based introduction to music and movement. This class includes guided instruction and free exploration of a variety of musical instruments and movement props to support the development of motor skills and rhythm. *Note: Regular pricing structure does not apply to this class.



The foundation of all dance forms and the most disciplined of styles. Students improve strength, poise, balance, and control. The technical skill gained through the study of ballet is essential for development in other styles such as jazz, tap, lyrical, and contemporary. Ballet classes are based on the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus.



A physical and energetic dance style that focuses on jazz technique, flexibility, and stylized movement.



A rhythmic dance style that uses your feet as an instrument! Tap gives students a sense of rhythm, coordination, and develops musicality.



A popular style of dance that incorporates a variety of dance technique and introduces improvisation skills. Contemporary is an expressive style of dance that encourages students to portray a story or emotion through their movement. Students taking contemporary also benefit from ballet and jazz technique classes.


Hip Hop

A fun and upbeat style of dance that incorporates elements of street dance. This style is high-energy and focuses on rhythm, freestyle movement, and building confidence.


Musical Theatre

A mix of drama and dance! Students learn dramatic arts skills through games and collaborative activities. Through dance students portray characters and express emotions. This class builds confidence and gets even our shyest of students out of their shell and having fun!


Mommy & Me

A fun way for moms (or caregivers!) to interact with their baby and help them develop early movement and motor skills. A one-hour class with 30-40 minutes of structured, follow-along activities and the remainder of the time is supervised play for the babies, giving moms a chance to socialize with one another. 


Competitive Company

Harmony Dance Company has a successful competitive company that competes in multiple competitions annually. We offer competitive programs for students wishing to push themselves and meet their potential as a dancer. The competitive company is a unique experience as students learn together, grow together, and support each other throughout the season. Acceptance to the competitive company is by invitation or audition only.  Auditions are held by appointment throughout the summer months.  Please contact the studio to schedule an audition or for information regarding the competitive company.